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Buddhism in Japan

Buddhism in Japan Today The majority of the people in J … 続きを読む Buddhism in Japan

Japanese Popular Culture

Popular culture, or pop culture, is generally considere … 続きを読む Japanese Popular Culture

Differences Between Kimonos & Yukatas

It is very easy to recognise the traditional Japanese c … 続きを読む Differences Between Kimonos & Yukatas

Japan’s Izakaya Culture

The Art of Unwinding An izakaya is a typical Japanese b … 続きを読む Japan’s Izakaya Culture

The Significance of Setsubun

Changing of the Seasons The festival of Setsubun—when p … 続きを読む The Significance of Setsubun

Experience the City of Fukuoka!

When asked about travelling to Japan most people I know … 続きを読む Experience the City of Fukuoka!

Gift-Giving in Japan

With a rich culture, history and several ancient legend … 続きを読む Gift-Giving in Japan

Vernal Equinox Day

The transition from winter to spring is always highly a … 続きを読む Vernal Equinox Day


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