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Tea Ceremony in Japan

Tea ceremony, or "sado" in Japanese, is a traditional ritual that involves the preparation and presentation of powdered green tea. This ceremony has been an integral part of Japanese culture for over 400 years and is still practised today in both private and public settings. History of Tea Cere... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan March 2023

Police urge cyclists to wear helmets ahead of mandate on April 1 – Nationwide The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has begun urging cyclists to wear helmets before a helmet-wearing mandate goes into effect nationwide on April 1. Officers at Tsukishima Police Station in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward were se... READ MORE

5 Tips to Enjoy Dining in a Conveyor-Belt Sushi Restaurant

Kaitenzushi in Japan has specific etiquette guidelines to follow, such as taking a plate once touched from the conveyor belt and not changing your mind. The sushi you order should also be taken from the conveyor belt, and you should not take someone else's ordered sushi. The restaurant has a system ... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan February 2023

Tokyo to demolish historic baseball stadium despite outcry – Tokyo Tokyo's government approved a redevelopment which will see a historic baseball stadium demolished and trees donated to honour Japan's Emperor Meiji torn out, a move opponents called "shameful". The project, which environmentalists s... READ MORE

The Best Way To Master The Japanese Language

Mastering a new language can be a daunting task, but with the right approach and dedication, it is possible to become fluent in Japanese. The Japanese language is known for its complex writing system and unique grammatical structures, but with the right resources and strategies, you can master it in... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan January 2023

Japan to lower COVID-19 to flu status in spring – Nationwide Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced plans to downgrade the legal status of COVID-19 to the equivalent of seasonal influenza in the spring, a move that would further relax mask wearing and other preventive measures as the count... READ MORE

4 Easy-To-Learn Points For The Japanese Language

No language is easy. Not really. That said, the difficulties of learning a particular language are often exaggerated. Whenever I mention that I study Japanese, most people look horrified. “That must be so difficult!” “How long does it take to learn?” “Is that even a real language?!” Japanese is, ... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan December 2022

Character meaning war (戦) picked as kanji of 2022 – Nationwide The kanji for sen (戦), meaning war or battle, was picked as the single most representative Chinese character corresponding to the social mood in Japan this year, a Kyoto-based organisation said. The selection for the 28th annual poll ru... READ MORE

Everything You Need To Know About Typing In Japanese

Typing is practically second nature to us these days. We’re texting, writing essays, working online gigs, exchanging ideas, and sometimes (or a lot of the time) having arguments with each other on social media. Typing is integral to how we communicate — it’s even surpassed handwriting in importance.... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan November 2022

Foreign visitors in Japan surge after tourism reopening – Nationwide The number of foreign visitors to Japan rose to nearly 500,000 in October, the first month it fully reopened to overseas visitors after more than two years of COVID restrictions, more than doubling the volume from September. Japan... READ MORE

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