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A Deep Look Into Japan’s “Omotenashi”

The concept of Japanese hospitality, otherwise known as omotenashi (お持て成し), has come to light recently due to its use in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 talks. Though translated simply as hospitality, the word omotenashi has a meaning deeply rooted in the Japanese psyche. It’s not simply being kind to guest... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan December 2021

Japan launches COVID-19 vaccine certificate app – Nationwide The Japanese government launched a smartphone app that allows people to display proof of vaccination that can be used for multiple purposes, including immigration procedures. The app, called the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Applicatio... READ MORE

Innovative Living Art of Ikebana

Japanese flower arranging, or Ikebana, has come a long way from its humble roots as temple offerings centuries ago. Today it is a popular and innovative living art, unique to Japan, that is cherished by both experts and novices. In this article, we will discuss the origins of Ikebana, and include... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan November 2021

Japan considers letting more skilled foreign workers stay indefinitely – Nationwide Japan is considering expanding the scope of fields for foreign workers skilled in specific blue-collar jobs that will allow them to stay in the country indefinitely, the justice minister said. The move aims to addre... READ MORE

Celebrating Birthdays in Japan

How Birthdays Are Celebrated in Japan Just like in English, it can be a bit too straightforward to ask for someone’s age on their birthday. But you can definitely ask about their birthday wishes! Because of customs like this, it’s extremely important you understand basic cultural etiquette befo... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan October 2021

Scholars urge Japan to restart issuing visas to foreign students – Nationwide Over 650 academics and students from universities in the United States, Japan, Britain and other countries have called on the Japanese government to resume issuing student and researcher visas, a process currently suspend... READ MORE

The COVID-19 Situation in Japan

On Jan. 31, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of COVID-19 or the coronavirus a global emergency. After a surge in cases, several prefectures in Japan entered the fourth state of emergency. On Aug. 18, 2021, the state of emergency was extended until Sept. 12, 2021, but w... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan September 2021

Japan's universities tightening background checks on foreign students – Nationwide Japan's major universities including those with close ties with China are moving to tighten background checks on foreign students seeking to study civil-military technologies, according to a Kyodo News survey. Their ... READ MORE

Mental Health In Japan

Keeping Your Mental Health in Check Depression is a very serious issue that affects every nation. As a foreigner in Japan, however, the adjustment to a new lifestyle, the culture shock, the long working hours and work and society-related stress can easily pile up. If you live alone here, it is beyo... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan August 2021

State of emergency takes effect in 7 more prefectures – Nationwide A COVID-19 state of emergency took effect in seven more prefectures, with restrictions on business activity aimed at curbing Japan's largest yet wave of infections. Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Hyogo and Fukuoka will be... READ MORE

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