Hojoya (Releasing Living Creatures Ceremony)

Hojoya is one of Hataka’s three big festivals and takes place in Hakozaki Shrine from September 12 through 18 every year. More than 500 street vendors crowd the main pathway to the shrine, creating a very festive atmosphere. Hojoe is a religious ceremony to honor each and every living thing as well as an autumn festival to celebrate great harvests. Every year, many visitors come to this shrine to pray for prosperity and good health.



One of the specialties found at Hojoya is “Chanpon”. Chanpon is a musical instrument made of clear glass with painted flowers or animals. When blown it gives the sound of “Chan” and “Pon” hence the name of the product. It’s somewhat costly at between 3,000 to 9,000 yen, but it is a great souvenir.

It takes about five minutes on subway from Tenjin to Hakozaki Shrine Station. From the station, it takes another three minutes on foot to the shrine. Since the end of September can be still hot, we recommend you arrive in the evening.