August 2014

Canal City Hakata

Fukuoka has a number of shopping districts and malls, but Canal City Hakata probably attracts the most visitors from abroad. It is very convenient to get there both from Tenjin and Hakata. You can shop in clothing and other fashion stores, eat in restaurants of every kind, and even see a movie or a musical. There are special events throughout the year as well. For details, please refer to:
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Foodies’ Paradise: Fukuoka

Fukuoka is well known for representing trademarks of Japanese culture all across the board, but nothing is more important to Fukuoka than its particularly enticing array of gourmet foods. Tonkotsu (pork bone soup stock) Ramen, Mentaiko (seasoned cod eggs), Chicken Mizutaki (meat and vegetable cooked in broth on the table and eaten with dipping sauce) and Motsunabe (organ meat and vegetable cooked in broth are just a few of all the city has to offer. Since Fukuoka is near Genkainada, which provides a rich array of seafood, you have access to the freshest sashimi. In addition to raw fish, you can also find grilled and stewed varieties of the same fish. Often, famous Tokyo restaurant will open branches in Fukuoka before Osaka or Nagoya. Recently, “Tanita Shokudo (Diner)” opened its branch in Fukuoka. Famous for its healthy menu, Tanita Shokudo has attracted a lot of attention from the media.
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Fireworks display in Kurume

In summer, you can enjoy beautiful fireworks displays all over Japan. I went to see the one held in Kurume City which is located in the south of Fukuoka City. It takes about 30 minutes by train from Fukuoka to Kurume.
The fireworks display in Kurume is one of the largest displays in the western area of Japan. We enjoyed 18,000 shots of fireworks there. You can also enjoy having various kinds of food at street stalls opened only on that day!
*It is usually held on August 5 every year, but because of rain, it was postponed to August 7 this year.
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