July 2015

Study Japanese in Japan: Enter Japanese University!

With our relatively inexpensive and intensive
Japanese language programs, NILS helps pave the way to one of the most fully immersive way to study here: Entering university as an international student! Deciding to “take the plunge” and apply to a Japanese university is a daunting and exciting decision that can change your life. While the requirements for each university do vary quite a bit, this article will outline some basics that will nearly always be expected should you apply. 

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Japanese Proficiency Test Level 2 Practice: Essential Study Tips

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (the JLPT, or the Nihongo Noryoku Shiken) is still the most widely-recognized marker of non-native Japanese language competence throughout both Japan and the world. Since the reformat of 2010, during which the original 4 levels became 5 (5 being the least advanced level, 1 being the most advanced level), the degree to which the JLPT N2 has changed has been a matter of some debate. Some say that compared to other levels, JLPT N2 in particular has undergone less change; in other words, aside from the altered format, it is essentially the same test as before in terms of content and difficulty level. However, others point out that the JLPT N1 test is now more difficult than previously, and that some of the material from the old N1 test has actually been shifted into N2. This means that both N2 and N1 are likely more demanding than ever before!  Whatever the case, the JLPT N2 practice tips below aim to help you succeed.  Continue reading

Study Japanese in Japan: What are your Options?

With the explosion of Japanese popular culture in the global market and the country’s continued position as the world’s third largest economy, knowledge of Japanese culture and language is of paramount importance. If you’re looking at this blog post, you no doubt agree and are searching for the best way to study Japanese in Japan—and begin one of the most fulfilling journeys of your life! But with so many options in terms of where and how to study, how do you even begin to choose? We hope this small list gives you some food for thought! Continue reading

Best Way to Learn Kanji? Avoid these Common Pitfalls!

Learning Japanese characters, commonly known as kanji, is certainly not impossible, but it will be even more difficult if you start off on the wrong foot. Take the following six “don’ts” written in this kanji study guide to heart and you will be on your way to a better kanji learning experience. Good luck!
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