Pop Culture

Hyakunin Eshiten (Japan Eshi World)

I recently went to Hyakunin Eshiten at Solaria Stage in Tenjin. This event displays a large collection of Japanese contemporary illustrators. The word, Eshi, originally meant an Ukiyoe painter, but now describes his contemporary fellow artist. Japan Eshi World has been held annually since 2011.


I was so impressed by the superior quality of the works and the surprising variety that I didn’t get tired of looking at them at all. The organizers use this venue to spread information on artists not just within Japan but also to overseas customers. You can also find works by non Japanese Eshi. Since the books of illustrations sold at this event also have English introductions and descriptions, you will be able to understand them in depth.


Live Show

Last month, I went to an EGOIST live show at ZEPP Fukuoka. EGOIST is an imaginary vocalist based on an anime series called Guilty Crown. The real singer, a young woman, does not show her face, as the artist is this fictitious EGOIST. I really didn’t know what to expect.  When the live started, I saw a large screen showing the anime character EGOIST singing, the music did not come from recording. The real singer was wearing a sensor-equipped suit that is connected to the movements of EGOIST on the screen.  This special system is called 3.5 Live.


Since this particular show was at a small venue, the singer was able to answer questions, etc. from the audience. It is not that unusual to listen to anime characters singing, but this was different and fresh. If you have the 3.5 technologies, you can really experience the virtual world of anime live shows. I hope to go to such events again in the future.