Shopping in Hakata-ku

2016-03-02 category: Shopping

JR Hakata City This is a large commercial building located at the Hakata Exit of Hakata Station. It contains fashionable shopping venues including Tokyu Hands, the Tokyo Department Store, and Amu Plaza (specialty stores).   In addition to shopping, you can treat yourself to a fabulous meal on the restaurant floor, Kuten, or watch a film at T. Joy Hakata Cinema Complex. There is a large rooftop park called Tsubame no Mori Hiroba where you can walk around in a beautiful garden and attend various events catered towards families with children.  Because of its convenient location, JR Hakata City attracts a number of visitors from young people, families with children, and business travelers.   Today, I would like to introduce


Comic books, CD/DVD, Figurines

2016-02-10 category: Shopping

Many are interested in Japan’s pop culture. I imagine this interest led to some people to study Japanese. There are some shops that will meet your needs in the area. You might want to consider sending some items via post instead of carrying them all back to your home. Bookoff Bookoff is a used comic books store that provides a wide range of graphic novels spanning the very old to the most recent. Prices begin as low as 100 yen per book. In addition to comic books, Bookoff sells non-anime novels, magazines, CD and DVDs, Blu-rays, etc. Super Bazaar North Tenjin North Tenjin 6th/7th fl, 4-30-20 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City Business hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Ohashi Station West


Fukuoka’s Regional Produce Shungiku, Amaou Strawberries, and More

2015-04-21 category: Gourmet

If you are living in or visiting Fukuoka be sure to savor the many delicious seasonal produce and learn what traditional Fukuoka dishes feature them. Fukuoka’s Most Famous Fruit: The Amaou Strawberry Amaou Strawberries, Amaou being an acronym for amai (sweet), marui (round), okii (big) and umai (delicious), is without a doubt the most popular fruit coming out of Fukuoka. The fruit has become a national sensation and has even begun its exportation overseas. It has been made into Amaou liquor, Amaou jam, and even Amaou KitKats. The popular strawberry is known for its size and sweetness, which also makes it a costly habit averaging a little over $1.00 USD per strawberry (in some cases $9.00 per strawberry). Since its


Visiting Yanagibashi Rengo Ichiba: The Fukuoka Fish Market

2015-03-05 category: Shopping

  While staying in Fukuoka, it’s definitely worth taking the time to visit Yanagibashi Market, also known as “Fukuoka’s Kitchen.” While not as big as the world’s largest fish market, Tsukiji, in Tokyo, it is easily as entertaining and less crowded to boot! Read our article to find out more.


The Most Popular Fukuoka Omiyage

2015-03-04 category: Shopping

            Before leaving NILS, do not forget to pick up some Fukuoka omiyage. Find out which regional gifts are popular from Kyushu sweets to Hakata crafts