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2016-03-09 category: Event

Hyakunin Eshiten (Japan Eshi World) I recently went to Hyakunin Eshiten at Solaria Stage in Tenjin. This event displays a large collection of Japanese contemporary illustrators. The word, Eshi, originally meant an Ukiyoe painter, but now describes his contemporary fellow artist. Japan Eshi World has been held annually since 2011.   I was so impressed by the superior quality of the works and the surprising variety that I didn’t get tired of looking at them at all. The organizers use this venue to spread information on artists not just within Japan but also to overseas customers. You can also find works by non Japanese Eshi. Since the books of illustrations sold at this event also have English introductions and descriptions,


Comparing the Cost of Living in Japan’s Top 5 Cities to Study

2015-04-19 category: Others

The Cost of Living in Japan vs. The World As it is with the rest of the world, all things remaining equal, the cost of living drastically increases as you move closer to the center of the city. It is also safe to say it is possible to live in an expensive city so long as you are willing to sacrifice a comfortable living and lavish lifestyle. This is a trend that we can safely say exists not only in Japan, but also in the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, and so on. According to Numbeo, a website that crowdsources the prices of consumer goods across the globe, Japan ranked as the 19th most expensive country in the world


Why is Fukuoka the Most Beautiful City in Japan?

2015-04-16 category: Gourmet

The Beautiful History of Fukuoka


Student Accommodation Options While Studying in Japan

2015-03-19 category: Others

When it comes to studying a foreign language abroad, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding what school and location you want to immerse yourself in is whether or not the school offers student accommodations. If student housing is a necessity for your stay in Japan, then it is important to first consider the following factors: proximity to the school, safety and security, and price. After that, further considerations may include the neighborhood, privacy, as well as access to public transportation, banks, Wi-Fi hotspots, and groceries, among others. As far as safety is concerned, in Japan, the crime rate is surprisingly low compared to other countries. In fact, even today, lost items that are found by anonymous


Fukuoka Sightseeing: Exploring Kitakyushu, Chikuho, and Chikugo

2015-03-06 category: Others

Home to one of NILS’ two campuses, Ogori is located about 26 km (16 miles) inland from Fukuoka City. While there are 27 other cities throughout Fukuoka prefecture to explore, Ogori is good place to start a Fukuoka sightseeing adventure. The top attractions in Ogori are the Kyushu Historical Museum, the city’s sports park, and the Nyoirinji Temple with its many, many frogs. You will definitely have fun at Marche Ogoori which is a complex of small curio and food shops that are both inexpensive and interesting.   Once your adventure ends in Ogori, there are many great places to explore outside of Fukuoka City, so plan a day trip to nearby Kitakyushu, Chikuho, and Chikugo with our suggested attractions.