Autumn in Ogori

Autumn passed here and the leaves were changing colors in home gardens, school grounds, or trees alongside of a road in Ogori. There are several spots around the country to optimally enjoy these views. Hope you can enjoy beautiful autumn views in Ogori next year!

< Shiroyama Koen (Shiroyama Park) >
This park is located at the foot of Ogori’s only mountain, Hanatateyama, and is full of bright yellow ginkgo trees right now. In the spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms and azaleas and summer Japanese irises. You can also rent a boat at the pond or reserve a barbecue pit for free.

Best time to view the autumn colors: Late October
Directions: Take Amagi Railway, Amagi Line. It is about 2 km from Nishi Tachiarai Station.


Otherwise known as the Frog Temple, Nyoirinji has over 5,000 stone frog statues and figurines. There are also a number of Japanese maple trees that show off bright red color during this season. The contrast between the green moss and the yellow leaves is quite spectacular.

Best time to view the autumn colors: Beginning mid November
Directions: Take Nishitetsu Railways. 15 minute walk from Misawa Station.