Oyster Shacks in Itoshima

Do you like oysters? They are my favorite. I like them raw, grilled, fried, cooked in broth or sautéed with rice.


Today, I wanted to introduce you to oyster shacks in Fukuoka, where you can eat oysters caught on the same day.


Itoshima, for example, has some 28 oyster shacks operated by oyster farmers themselves. In addition to oysters, you can order other seafood such as shrimp, cherry clams, and foods like sausage and rice. You are encouraged to take your own favorite fixings and seasonings such as cheese and dressings. Choose how you would like your oysters cooked: grilled on gas or charcoal.


My recommendation is using charcoal since it gives such a delicious aroma and an amazing flavor to the food. However, your clothes can collect ashes from charcoal. If you do not want to be covered with ashes, you can select shacks that rent you a Haori (short kimono coat).


Oyster shacks are in operation typically from October to the end of March. Prices fluctuate, but oysters cost about 800 yen per kilo. A typical platter may cost 1,000 yen (1.3 kg).


I urge you to arrive early if you visit an oyster shack on weekends, as the waiting line tends to be very long. (You may have to wait for an hour or more.)


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In Itoshima, you can also visit charming shops selling local crafts, goods, and cafes. Why not make a whole day out of visiting Itoshima?