School Activity Report

Today's Phrase



We visited one of the well-known shrines in Japan. A god of study is there. Many Japanese students come to this place and pray for their exam success.

Here is a comment from our student:

After two days in the School, I have been looking forward to the outing to Dazaifu today. I was blessed to have sunny weather though it was a bit chilly in the morning.  It was a great pleasure to have Tsuboi-san from NILS accompanied me in the trip. He has been most friendly and caring.



During the trip, he explained in detail a lot of interesting things about Daizaifu, its vicinities and Fukuoka. We communicated mainly in Japanese and it was an excellent opportunity for me to brush up the language.


We also visited Kyushu National Museum where national treasures of Kyoto’s Daigoji were currently exhibited. Having visited Daigoji before, I was particularly delighted to look at the amazing exhibits outside of its Kyoto premise.


Before we left, we had coffee at the famous Starbucks designed by Kengo Kuma-san, and savoured the yummy plum biscuits.  I went home with a full stomach and many happy memories.



She writes down her impression in Japanese.  ありがとうございました!



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