School Activity Report

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Dazaifu Shrine

We visited one of the well-known shrines in Japan. A god of study is there. Many Japanese students come to this place and pray for their exam success.


Here are comments from our students;

“Being able to visit Dazaifu was a great experience. It was my fist time visiting a shrine so I was really excited. The weather was great and I was able to take nice pictures. I also got to try real Japanese Matcha for the first time. I had a great time and now want to visit more shrines in Japan.”

“It was my first excursion with the school and we went to the Dazaifu Temple, and to the Museum of Kyushu. It was located on a gorgeous little street that we stopped off at and had Matcha and red bean rice cakes. The day was well run, interesting and full of great conversation. Both the teacher and other students were great company and I had a really nice day.”


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