School Activity Report

Today's Phrase

A Festival

We went to Nagasaki where a Lantern Festival was taken place.

This event was quite enjoyable for our students;

After my first week studying at NILS, I went to a trip to Nagasaki to see the lantern festival. It was very interesting and beautiful. There were a lot of paper lamps and ornaments that created a very pleasant harmony. The teacher explained to us the celebration, what are the local traditions and recommended us to try some of the famous food of Nagasaki. Everything was delicious. We also enjoyed exploring the streets and taking pictures.”

“The Nagasaki Lantern festival was a very exciting trip.  We traveled by bus 2 and a half hours each way to experience the lantern festival.  The festival was a very unique experience. We had the pork belly delicacy which was very good.  We looked at the various lantern setups and took many pictures.  At the end we looked though some shops.  I wish we had more time, but it was a very fun event.”

“We were lucky to go on a trip to Nagasaki during the lantern festival. Even though it was raining, the lanterns were breathtaking. It seemed as though the whole city was covered in the beautiful, intricate lanterns. We even got to see a kangaroo lantern, which was a nice reminder of home! The lanterns were so colourful and bright, they brought so much joy and light to the dark, wet night. It was a great experience! “


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