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Summer festivals are almost everywhere in Japan. You can watch fireworks which are usually shown at the end of the festival as finale.  As you know, taking photographs of fireworks at night is quite difficult as they spread in a second.

 This is an impression of this event from our student;

Just two days after my arrival in Fukuoka, I had the pleasure to enjoy the fireworks festival with NILS teachers and students. It was my first time at a fireworks festival in Japan and I found it quite impressive! In Spain, where I come from, fireworks last no longer than 20 minutes. In Japan, it is a whole experience, where you can not only enjoy the fireworks, which definitely last longer, but also engage in a good chat with people, take a stroll with friends or try some delicious street-food from the various stalls featuring many genuine grilled snacks.

I highly recommend it to people staying in Japan. So get together with some friends and don’t forget to wear your yukata/kimono to get the maximum of your fireworks experience!”


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