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Body Language

This year NILS has become much more lively than last year with many new students.

New students and new teachers are all doing their best at NILS!


Our young and cool teacher, Mr. T, has been working at NILS since this April.

He was explaining to the new Nepalese students about school life in simple Japanese and sometimes English.


After the presentation, another teacher asked Mr. T,

“Did the students understand?”

Mr. T answered,

”I tried my best to explain it in an easy-to-understand way, but I am a little worried if everyone understood. Because when I asked, “Did you all understand?”, everyone tilted their heads to one side….”

Hearing this, I said to Mr. T, “Don’t worry! It means they understand!”

If there were many Indians and Nepalese in your country, you would understand this misunderstanding of Mr. T, wouldn’t you?


Nepalese and Indian people nod their heads sideways, meaning “yes” or “I understand”.

In my first year, I also wondered why they did not understand me… Then I realized that this is their way of saying “yes”.


Japan also has its own unique body language and signs.

For example, this sign means money in Japan.

The pinky finger sign, in Japan it means a woman or wife.


In Japan, I am sure there are other signs and expressions that you will find very different from your country! Please try to find such differences when you come to Japan and tell your family and friends in your country about them!


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