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How to Write Chinese Characters

There are three types of written language used in Japan – Hiragana, Katakana, and Chinese Characters (Kanji).

For international students, it’s probably very challenging to write Kanji.

I would like to show you three techniques of writing in Kanji.



They are Tome, Hane, and Harai. Let me explain these techniques by with a character 「手」.


  1. Tome: This means ‘stop.’ Notice horizontal lines stop at the end.
  2. Hane: You make a quick, upward stroke. In this example, you can see quick vertical stroke in the bottom ending.
  3. Harai: You don’t stop the line like tome. You make a sweeping motion at the end.



How did it go? Were you able to write it?


I would be happy if you could remember these three techniques when you write Kanji.





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