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Today's Phrase

I receive the examination result just now.

Best wishes moving onto the next chapter of your life. 

Do you remember when you got the test result of your taking the entrance exam?

He got the result from the school that he wished to enter onto.

Before opening,

And then opened the letter, before reading, and the moment of noticing the result.

I just took the moment of his delighting greatly in passing

Have a look at the happy moment.

① He got the result in his hands.

② Exciting.

③ Scared

④ How is the result?

⑤ How big a smile!  Pass the exam!  Congratulations!

⑥ His friends bleesed him.

⑦ Good!  It made all the effort worthwhile!

⑧ Mr. Tuat who got the result in his hands, give it your all even in the new world.







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