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Oshi (For advanced Japanese learners)

※Japanese sentences in this blog are for advanced Japanese learners


Hello everyone. The spring season has arrived in Japan and the cherry blossoms have begun to bloom.

This is an important month in Japan as it marks the end of the year.


Today, I would like to introduce a word which is commonly used by young Japanese people, “○○推し(oshi).

“Oshi” is used for idols and celebrities whom you like. It means “I like and support”.

The word “oshi” originates from the Kanji, “推” in “推薦(recommendation)”.


Now, let us show you how to use “推し”.

①XX (name) 推し

e.g.) I like an idol group called Japan 1.

Among the members, I like Shota the best.

I am a fan of Shota. (私はShota推しです。)



It means that you are a fan of all the members of the group.


Mika) Which Japan 1 member do you like?

Lina) I like Shota! But I like all the members, so I am a fan of all the members of Japan 1.




It means to switch your ”推し”.


Mika) You went to Japan 1’s live concert! How was it?

Lina) It was great! Shota was cool, but Jun was way too cool!

I think I’m going to switch from being a fan of Shota to Jun…




It means that people who have the same “推し”.


Mika) Which Japan 1 member do you like?

Lina) My 推し is Shota.

Mika) Eh! I like Shota too! He is so handsome, right?

Lina) (Oh…She also like Shota… somehow, I just don’t like the fact that we both support the same member) I see! That’s right~ (umm…)


Do you have a ‘推し’? Let me know your 推し’s name and what you like about 推し in the comments!


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