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Today's Phrase

“しか勝たん“ (shika katan)

Hello, everyone.

Today, I would like to explain a new phrase “しか勝たん“ (shika katan).


Ramen wa tonkotsu shika katan.

 Kaze shika katan.


What do you think “shika katan” means? It basically means something is awesome, someone’s favorite, there is nothing better.


For example,

“Ramen wa tonkotsu shika katan” means there is nothing better than tonkotsu ramen, or tonkotsu ramen is the writer’s favorite.



“Kaze shika katan” means there is nobody better than Kaze, or Kaze is awesome.



This expression can be used for food, people or other things, and most frequently used by young people.

Here are some sample conversations.

A:The coffee here is delicious anytime or day.

B:Yeah, there is nothing better than this coffee. (このコーヒーしか勝たん)



A:Oh, there is a cat. Really cute.

B:You are right, but there is nothing better than my cat. (私の猫しか勝たん)




There are pop songs that use this phrase. Let me know if you can find them.


My goal for this year is to lose 5kg.



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