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“How not to use chopsticks – 3 major blunders”

Having a meal is very important for us, isn’t it?

What utensils do you normally use? Knives and forks? Chopsticks or hands?

I know that they vary from a country or region to another.

Today, let me tell y

ou what not to do with chopsticks in Japan.


  1. Tatebashi/Hotokebashi: This means sticking chopsticks straight up into bowls.
  2.                                        Please avoid this as this is done at a funeral.



  1. Hashiwatashi/Hiroibashi:
    Passing food items from one set of chopsticks to another.
  2.                                         Avoid this as this is done when passing a person’s bones after cremation.



  1. Yosebashi: Pulling dishes closer to you using chopsticks.
  2.                   This can cause bowls to fall off from a table and break. It also looks disgraceful.


There are a few more chopsticks faux pas. Let’s be careful when eating with chopsticks in Japan.


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