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Pottery School

December 24th was our last day of school in 2021.

We had been looking for something special to do for that day and came up with an excellent idea.


“Let’s try Japanese pottery!”


Doesn’t it sound like fun?


There is a pottery school named “Yawaragi” nearby NILS Annex campus, 

and we all showed up on our last day of school.



An instructor at the pottery school taught us how to manage a lump of porcelain clay,

yet it’s not so easy to create reasonably good-looking bowls or cups.



Actually, I was impressed with the students’ potential as pottery artists in the end.

They were all making amazing things.



However, we still need to wait a little bit because processes like drying, baking, glazing, etc. takes time.

It will be another month before we get to see the completed products.

We are all excited to see what they look like.

I will show them to you when we return.


It was a memorable way to 2021.


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