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“Play on Words”

There are a number of anniversaries in Japan such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, national holidays, etc. Japanese people also come up with “unofficial” anniversaries by playing on words. Let me introduce five of them.

1.9/29th day of the month: Meat Day

            2 is pronounced as “ni” and 9 is “ku or kyu”. “niku” means meat.

           So, it’s a meat day! On “niku” days,

           you can buy meat at discount in grocery stores, or get better deals at meat stores.


2.March 9: Thank You Day

              3 is “san” and 9 is “ku or Kyu”. You say “thank you” in English.

              People in Japan often pronounce “san kyu.” It’s a day of “thank you.”


3.August 8: Laughing Day

             Onomatopoeia for laughing in Japanese is “ha ha.” 8 is “ha or hachi.”

   Thus, 8/8 is “ha ha” day – Laughing Day.


4.August 31: Vegetable Day

            “Yasai” means vegetables in Japanese. 8 is pronounced as “ya” and 31 is “sanjuuichi”.

            Stores often come up with special advertisements for vegetables on this day.


5.November 22: Good Couples Day

              11 is pronounced as “ee ee” which means “good.” 22 is “foo fu” meaning a married couple.

              This is a popular day for couples to apply for a marriage license.


There are many more such anniversaries created by playing on words or pun. Do you have such days in your country?


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