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Letter from Senpai at NILS Annex (Vol.2)

We got a message from Senpai (a senior student) at NILS Annex.

His name is Alex. He is the billiards King at our school.

He is always looking for more people to play with.




My name is Alex and I love playing Billiards.

I have played and won many pool tournaments back home in America.

I have been at the NILS Annex school for 10 months here in Fukuoka, Japan.


At first I didn’t know where I could play pool near my school.

After making many friends, one of my friends took me to a nearby pool hall.

It was a lot of fun!



Fukuoka is an exciting city. I have enjoyed walking through the city with my friends.

There are so many beautiful places to see in Fukuoka.

For example, Sasaguri near Hakata, in Fukuoka is famous for the biggest Buddha statue. During spring break, I went there with some friends.

Since Fukuoka has a long history, you can enjoy both new and old places in Fukuoka.


Of course, I like learning Japanese at NILS Annex. We all are hardworking and class feels rewarding.


I like to climb mountains near the school on holidays.

I often go hiking with my friend Zeek.

He usually brings his portable stove so we can cook ramen on the mountain.


After you arrive in Japan, I can show you many mountains with beautiful views.

I hope you can arrive soon!





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