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Today's Phrase

Let’s try Tongue Twister!

How do you normally practice your Japanese pronunciation?

Have you found a winning strategy?


Today, I am going to introduce some Japanese tongue twisters (早口言葉(はやくちことば)).

Like “She sells seashells on the seashore”.

It may not help you to learn any conversational skills but might improve your pronunciations indeed.


Level (1)

生麦(なまむぎ) 生米(なまごめ) 生卵(なまたまご)

       nama-mugi   nama-gome   nama-tamago

(Raw oat, Raw rice, Raw egg)



                     ro nya-ku nang nyo

(Men and women of all ages)



                     ja-zz   shan-son   ka-shu

(Jazz chanson singer)


Level (2)

坊主(ぼうず)が 屏風(びょうぶ)に 上手(じょうず)に 坊主(ぼうず)の ()を ()いた

                     bozu-ga   byobu-ni   jozu-ni   bozu-no   e-wo   kaita

(A Buddhist monk nicely drew the picture of a monk on a folding screen.)


議論好(ぎろんず)きの 議員(ぎいん)が 議事堂(ぎじどう)に ぎっしり

                     giron-zuki-no   giin-ga   gijido-ni   gisshiri

(The Congress is crowded with argumentative members of the Assembly.)


Level (3)

この 竹垣(たけがき)に (たけ) ()てかけたのは (たけ) ()てかけたかったから 竹 立(たけた)てかけた

                    kono   takegaki-ni   take   tatekaketa-nowa   take   tatekaketakatta-kara    take   tatekaketa

(I laid the bamboo tree against this bamboo fence because I wanted to do it.)


瓜売(うりう)りが (うり) ()りに()て (うり) ()(のこ)し (うり) ()り (かえ)る 瓜売(うりう)りの (こえ)

                     uriuri-ga   uri   urini-kite   uri   urinokoshi   uri   uri   kaeru   uriuri-no   koe

(One can hear the voice of a melon seller who came to sell melons but failed to sell out his melons.)



The trick is getting the speed and the accent.

Try saying these sentences as many as you need.

You should be really proud if you can say Level (3) ones!




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