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Do you know the “Legend of the Star”?


This is a story about two deities who are allowed to meet only once a year.

It’s well known in some Asian countries, and people hold various events celebrating the story.

(If you want to know more about the story, please search the topic on internet or in books.)


In Japan, the celebration is called 七夕(たなばた)Tanabata) and held on July 7th (in accordance with the solar calendar).


At a Tanabata Festival, we usually write special wishes on colorful strips of paper (短冊(たんざく), Tanzaku), and decorate a bamboo tree with these paper strips and other beautiful ornaments.


Every year, NILS organizes the Tanabata Festival on July 7th.


A large, beautiful bamboo tree arrived at our entrance hall this year, and the students decorated the tree with Tanzaku and other handmade ornaments.





Would you like to read some of the wishes written by the students?



Wishing my family good health and happiness.

Wishing my future will be full of luck and success in my job.



What wonderful wishes these are!

I hope their wishes come true!☆


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