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Today’s Japanese Phrase: ‘かっこいい’

Hello, today’s Japanese word is “かっこいい(kakkoī)”. 

 You can use this word whenever you want to say “cool!”


Let’s check the first sample conversation.

       A: わあ、あなたの(あたら)しい髪型(かみがた)、かっこいいね!

    Wow, your new hairstyle is really cool!

       B: ありがとう。



In another situation, you can use “かっこいい” to describe handsome, good-looking people.

In fact, “ハンサム” is a translation of “handsome” which means pretty much the same as “かっこいい”, but most Japanese people. particularly younger generations, do not use “ハンサム” in daily conversation.


Instead, we prefer to use “かっこいい” to describe a hot, handsome, fine, good-looking person.

For example:

                     A. (あたら)しいボスに、もう()った?

                            Did you meet our new boss yet?

                     B.   うん、昨日(きのう)()ったよ。すごくかっこいいよ!

                            Yes, I met him yesterday. He is very handsome.


                     A. デスクトップのかっこいい男性(だんせい)(だれ)ですか?あなたのフィアンセ?

          Who is this handsome guy on your desktop screen? Is he your fiancé?

                     B. ああ、はい・・・ある意味(いみ)ね。お()()りの韓国(かんこく)アイドルなんです。

          Oh, yes… in a way. He is my favorite Korean idol.


**Bonus Point**

Have you ever heard the Japanese word “イケメン(ikemen)”?

This is a kind of colloquial expression (not found in a dictionary) to describe a good-looking guy.

This word basically stands for “cool guy”, but you can use it for either a male or female individual.


Is there any “イケメン” around you?




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