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Today’s Japanese Phrase : ’お疲れ様です’

Hello, today’s Japanese phrase is ‘(つか)(さま)です‘.

If you are planning on working in Japan, you should know this phrase because you will definitely use it in a Japanese workplace.


‘お(つか)(さま)です’ is a greeting word frequently used in a workplace like “Hello” or “Hi” . Literally, it means “Thanks for your hardworking.”


We can use ‘お(つか)(さま)です’ any time during the day. When we finish working and are ready to leave the office, we tend to say ‘つかさまでした‘. This means “Goodbye” or “See you”.


[Example 1] Passing your co-worker on the corridor at work.

SATO:    お(つか)(さま)です。

       Otsukaresamadesu. (with a little bow)

SUZUKI: お(つか)(さま)です。

       Otsukaresamadesu. (with a little bow)


[Example 2 ] Leaving your work at the end of the day

A:   すみません。お(さき)失礼(しつれい)します。[Sorry, I’m leaving first.]

    Sumimasen. Osakini shitsurei shimasu. (with a little bow)

B:      お(つか)(さま)でした。

    Otsukaresama deshita. (with a little bow)


You may have heard similar phrases such as ‘(つか)(さま)‘ or ‘(つか)れ’ on Japanese TV drama series or real situations. These are just shortened versions of ‘お(つか)(さま)です’ and sound more friendly or informal.


Please note that some people think this phrase is used by a person of higher professional/social rank to address another of lower rank, such as a boss to an employee, you should avoid using this phrase.


Does that make sense?

Ok, this is the end of today’s lesson. ‘お(つか)(さま)でした’




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