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Shodo Workshop

Today, we had a calligraphy workshop for all our students.


Japanese calligraphy is called “Shodo (書道(しょどう))” in Japanese.

We enjoy Shodo as a hobby in our daily life, and sometimes, we organize a special event for Shodo called Kakizome (書初(かきぞ)め).


What is Kakizome?

We write down our hopes or goals at the beginning of the year. Do you have a custom of making a New Year’s resolutions in your country? Kakizome is just like that.


Since the current NILS students were not able to start school at the time of New Year this year they had not had a chance to experience Kakizome. 

So, we decided to hold a Kakizome class to commemorate the beginning of the new semester in April.



Students struggled writing Kanji with a brush. Since you cannot apply too much or too or too little pressure, it was no easy feat to master. Still, I think they had a great time trying.


Please take a look at their masterpieces!





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