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Today’s Japanese Phrase ‘ごめんください’


Hello, I am a teacher from NILS Japanese language school.

Today’s phrase in Japanese is ‘ごめんください’ (gomenkudasai).

It is quite similar to ‘ごめんなさい’ (gomennasai : means “sorry”), but actually they are different words. Basically, Japanese people use ‘ごめんください’ as a greeting when we visit somebody’s house to let them know you are there. So, we can hear this phrase mostly at the entrance of a house.


 [Example 1] At an entrance of B’s house

A: ごめんください。山田です。誰かいますか。

 (gomenkudasaiYamada desudareka imasu ka?)

 Hello. I am Yamada. Is there anyone here?

B: はい、お待ちください。

 (Hai, omachi kudasai。)

 Yes, could you wait for a moment?


Or, you can use ‘ごめんください‘ in a small diner or shop as well.


[Example 2] At a small diner (like Izakaya)

A: ごめんください、2名いいですか。

 gomenkudasai, ni mei īdesuka?

 Excuse me, do you have seats for 2?

B: いらっしゃいませ。こちらへどうぞ。

 (irasshaimasekochira e dōzo。)

 Yes, welcome! Please come in.


Note: We usually do not use this word in large-scale public places like a supermarket or a big restaurant.


If you get a chance to visit someone’s house in Japan, please use ‘ごめんください‘.



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