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Today’s Japanese phrase ‘そうですね’


Hello. I am a teacher from NILS Japanese language school.

Today’s phrase in Japanese is うですねSoudesune). We can use this phrase in 2 different meanings.

We use this phrase as one of filler words.

[Example 1]

A: お昼ご飯は何を食べたいですか?

      Ohirugohan wa nani wo tabetai desuka?

      ( What would you like to have for lunch? )

B: そうですね・・・中華料理はどうですか?

     Soudesune… Chūka ryōri wa dou desuka?

     ( Hmmm… How about Chinese food? )


’そうですね’ is very useful to fulfill the blank of conversation when you need the time to think about what to say next.


’そうですね’ also has the meaning of agreement or consensus.


[Example 2]

A: お昼ご飯は中華料理がいいと思います。

     Ohirugohan wa chūka ryōri ga ii to omoimasu.

     ( I think Chinese food is the best for our lunch. )

B: そうですね。駅の近くの中華料理屋へ行きましょう。

     Soudesune. Eki no chikaku no Chūka ryōri ya e ikimasyō.

     ( Yes. Let’s go to the Chinese restaurant near the station. )


If you use ’そうですね’ phrase depend on the situation, your Japanese would sound more fluently. 

Please try it!


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