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Hello, how are you?

Today’s topic is regional dialects. Do you speak any dialect?

In Fukuoka, where NILS is located, we have a very distinct dialect called 博多弁(はかたべん) (Hakata-ben).

Let me introduce a few Hakata-ben words/phrases you might hear frequently.



(1) よか (Yoka)

   It means good, nice, or fine.

  [Example](かみ)()めたと? よか(いろ)やね!」  “Kami someta to?  Yoka iroyane.”

           (Did you color your hair?  It’s great color!)        


(2) ばり (bari)

       Very, quite, or super.


(3) うまか (Umaka)

        Delicious, yummy, etc.

      [Example] 「この寿司(すし)ばりうまか!」   “Kono sushi bari umaka!”

              (This sushi is super delicious!)        


(4) ~と? / ~と。 (-to?  /  -to.)

   This ending is used when asking a question. It’s also used for answering the question.

   If the ending of the sentence is rising, it’s a question. If declining or neutral, it’s not a question.

  [Example] 「すいとーと?」  “Suito to?”                  (Do you like it?)

     「うん、すいとーと」  “Un, suito to.”         (Yes, I like it.)    


You don’t need to learn Hakata-ben to study in school.

Regional dialects are an extra knowledge.

Yet, our students have plenty of opportunities to hear Hakata-ben in every day life.

Sometimes, they surprise native Hakata people with their Hakata-ben.

It might be fun to learn this “extra knowledge”. 

You will definitely be able to adapt to the local culture smoothly.





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