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Social Media Words in Japanese

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Internet is a good place to gather information, but social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. also makes it convenient to get information on what’s happening in the world.


Today, we would like to introduce 5 common Japanese social media words (net slang) so that you can talk with others in Japanese on the web.


1.www/笑/草        :  To express laughing or feeling funny very much like “lol” in English.

 2.いいね (iine      :    This means “good” or “like”.

                                          For example, you may see someone asking “「いいね」おねがいします!”,

                                          this means “please click ‘like'”.

3.エモい (emoi      :   This is and adjective created from “emotional”.

                                          You can use this to express something good or emotional.

4.めっちゃ (meccha) : Means “very” or “so much”. Close to “super” in English.

                                          For example, “この写真(しゃしん)めっちゃエモい” translates to

                                         “This picture is super emotional.”

 5.バズる (bazuru   : To cause sensation on social media.

                                         For example, “SNSでバズっているカフェに行こうよ” means

                                        “Let’s go to the cafe which everyone is talking about in social media.”


These Japanese words are a bit strange, but go ahead and use them if you’d like.

However, please understand that you can use these words only in casual conversations on social media and not suitable for business or other formal situations.


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