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Today’s Japanese Phrase:´おかげさまで´

I hope you are all doing well under this heat wave. Let’s study 「おかげさまで」today.


You can use this phrase to mean “fortunately”.

A: So, Michael, how did the presentation go this morning?
B: Fortunately, the presentation was a great success.

A: How was your vacation?
B: Fortunately, the weather was great.


You can also use Okagesamade to mean “thank goodness”.

Thank goodness, we made it (in time).

A: How was the meeting?
B: Thank goodness, it went well.


Or, you can use okagesamade to express your true appreciation.

Find out if “I am very happy about it” can be replaced.

A: I heard you got the scholarship for studying abroad.
B: Yes, I am very happy about it.


Lastly, you can use okagesamade to indicate things are fine.

A: Are you all right?
B: Yes, everything is fine. Thank you.

Adding “thank you” at the end conveys the genuine sense of appreciation toward the person who is asking the question. One can also appear polite by using okagesamade. Okagesamade means “fortunately”, but people can express their sense of humility, that they could not have done something without the help of others. It’s a good way to express gratitude toward others in general for everyday kindness.


As I explained above, you can use okagesamade in several situations. Try using this phrase in practice!


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