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Year-end party


At the end of class in 2019, NILS held a Year-end party. Students saw a Rakugo performance, played some games and chatted with teachers.

Followings are some students’ comments. 

On the last day of class of 2019, the school organized a very cheerful celebration. The activities included a Rakugo performance that made everybody laugh even though all the jokes were told fully in Japanese. All the stories were adapted to the class level and that made the experience way more satisfying. I’m sure everyone will keep a good souvenir of this occasion.



I for sure will. After the Rakugo performance, there was a gathering that included very tasty snacks and drinks. The teachers spent sometime chatting with the class members which helped create a very intimate atmosphere. In the end, everyone got a Christmas gift with a customized card with greetings from all our teachers. It was a very touching detail that made the whole experience very memorable.



I thought the Christmas party was a nice way to end the semester. I was surprised and entertained by Mr. Nakamura’s Rakugo performance. I heard about Rakugo before but this was the first time I saw a performance. Everyone had a good time. The stories were funny and easy to understand. By watching the performance, I felt like I gained more interest in Rakugo and learned more about Japanese culture.

After the performance, Mr. Miyazaki gave everyone presents and we ate snacks together. We also took photos outside. I had a great time with everyone.



The Christmas party was really fun. It went beyond my expectations. The games were well planned and interesting. I really liked the wishing cards, I sincerely appreciated it, the snacks and drinks were enjoyable as well.

To conclude, I had a great time. Thank you very much.




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