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School News

Graduation Day


We had a graduation day on 5th March. Most of Japanese schools have entrance and graduation ceremonies in quite formal way. Everybody has to wear formal cloths such as suits. Our students are allowed to wear their own traditional formal cloths because they are all international students. They were given the graduation certificate each. There were messages from the principal, Ogori Mayer, and some guests. Student representatives from each side (graduating and junior students) made speeches. Then graduating students sang a song, as well as junior students in return.


 After the ceremony, we changed the venue. Graduated students, teachers, and some quests have a graduation party to finish the day! We had nice lunch, some performances which were mainly songs and dance. Students from each class said some words to us. Teachers also did a dance! All teachers who gave lessons to them said some farewell words. Finally, class teachers gave some presents for their students and said good-bye to them.


It was a moment which students and teachers meet each other for the last time. Most of them will go to another school in Japan. Some will go back to their own country for good. Wherever they go, we keep hoping they try to make their dreams come true at this time of the year.



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