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Information Session from the Police Department

We invited police officers on May 12th and hosted an information session for our new students. This event is designed to help our students experience their life in Japan as safely as possible. In addition to NILS, the entire community supports their wellbeing.


First, the students learned how to report emergencies by calling “110.” Then, they learned how to avoid being reported to the police. One of the officers talked about situations most commonly associated with trouble. For example, being too noisy in a dorm or apartment at night, or congregating in parking lots of supermarkets or convenience stores to party.


Next, another officer talked about traffic safety regarding bicycles. Our students come from many different countries, each of which have different traffic regulations.  Riding a bike is the primary method of transportation for our students to go to school and part-time jobs. I have listed some of the most important rules below.


  1. Individuals must ride bicycles on the left lane like automobiles.
  2. Individuals may not ride bicycles on sidewalks. (There are exceptions.)
  3. Individuals must stop at the stop sign.
  4. Individuals may not drink and ride a bicycle. The rules are the same as driving an automobile.


These are common sense rules; however, individuals can get seriously hurt or hurt others if they don’t follow these guidelines.  Last year, the Police began enforcing these rules against illegal bicycle riding, and the penalties and fines have become stricter. In particular, if you kill someone in a bicycle accident, you will be required to pay between 50 million yen to 100 million yen. Of course, if you follow rules, you will avoid these fines.


It is our mission to support our students so that they have the best educational experiences possible.


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