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Yusentei Park

On Wednesday, Hirose sensei gave us a briefing on Yusentei Park and the proper way to drink matcha (traditional green tea) that is usually served during the traditional tea ceremony.

This was another wonderful example of Japanese culture and everyone embraced it wholeheartedly.

We made our way to the beautiful Yusentei Park which was erected in 1754 during the Edo period. This park and the beautiful summer home of Fukuoka’s most famous samurai and family, the Kuroda clan did not disappoint. The garden was the first traditional Japanese garden introduced in Fukuoka and the traditional tatami matted house was a joy to behold. 11222358_10153519708522425_8359001942490611267_n

The class fed the koi fish in the very large pond that fronts the housed then proceeded to go inside the house.

We were able to examine the inside architecture closely and then had our matcha in the appropriate manner we were taught.

Another wonderful and educational outing.

Thanks Hirose sensei!

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