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Fireworks in Fukuoka


Why do the Japanese see and love the fireworks displays? National love for the events is quite understandable when you consider the character of the Japanese. The mid-summer evening big fireworks shows suit the taste of the Japanese. They cherish short-lived beauty, such as that of cherry blossoms in spring, which are at their best for only a couple of days. The enjoyment of fireworks is along the same line.


Summer in Japan is not complete without experiencing at least one hanabi taikai (fireworks festival)! Fireworks (花火, hanabi) have long been an integral part of Japanese summers. Originally held to ward off evil spirits, there are now hundreds of fireworks festivals across Japan, enjoyed mostly for the illuminations and dramatic sounds. It is also a great opportunity to wear Japanese summer fashion such as yukata or jinbei while watching the fireworks or sampling delicious festival food and drinks at the bustling stalls. To help you enjoy the festivities, I have compiled a list of upcoming fireworks displays in and near Fukuoka below!

  • 7/20 (Thu.): 5th Itoshima Seaside Festival Keya Fireworks
  • 7/26 (Wed.): Hanabi Fantasia Fukuoka
  • 8/1 (Tue.): 55th Nishinihon Ohori Fireworks Festival
  • 8/5 (Sat.): 358th Chikugo-gawa Fireworks Festival
  • 8/6 (Sun.): Wasshoi Hyakuman Natsumatsuri
  • 8/11 (Fri.): Yume Hanabi 2017
  • 8/13 (Sun.): 30th Kanmon Kaikyo Fireworks
  • 8/26 (Sat.): Amagigawa Fireworks
  • 8/27 (Sun.): 19th Ariakekai Fireworks Festival
  • 9/9 (Sat.): 27th Fukuoka Higashi-ku Fireworks
  • 9/16 (Sat.): 3rd Yame Festival “Light and Music Fireworks Festival”

1) Hanabi Fantasia Fukuoka

This fireworks festival returns Momochihama for the first time in 17 years! In cooperation with world-renowned fireworks show company Marutamaya, witness a fireworks display unlike anything ever seen before in Fukuoka. Don’t miss the climax, a magnificent 7-min. show of 4,000 fireworks one kilometer long and 450 meters high! The designated viewing area requires an entrance fee, so hurry and buy tickets now to get good seats.

  • 7/26 (Wed.). Open: 16:00, start:19:30 *Postponed to 7/27 (Thu.) in case of inclement weather
  • Momochihama block: adult ¥3,000, ES ¥1,000 / Jigyohama block: adult ¥2,000, ES ¥1,000
  • Momochi Seaside Park (Momochi & Jigyohama)
  • 12,000 fireworks

2) 5th Itoshima Seaside Festival Keya Fireworks

Keya Beach is listed among Japan’s 88 most beautiful beaches. Every year the public is treated to a spectacle of 4,000 fireworks and their reflections on the shimmering sea from Keya’s clean, sandy shores. If you missed the main event, don’t worry, because there are special fireworks displays every Saturday until the end of August (500 fireworks per night at 20:00).

  • 7/28 (Thu.) 20:00~21:00 *Postponed to 7/29 (Fri.) in case of inclement weather
  • Keya Beach, Shima, Itoshima City
  • 4,000 fireworks
  • 20,000 visited last year
  • Free parking available (Kishi Fishing Port parking lot): 600 spots *shuttle bus from parking lot to Keya Beach: adult ¥200, child ¥100

3) 55th Nishinihon Ohori Fireworks Festival


One of Kyushu’s biggest fireworks displays, watched by 420,000 visitors in 2016! The fireworks can be seen from as far away as the Yahuoku! Dome and Fukuoka Tower, but, for a closer look, get your yukata or jinbei on and join the crowds in Ohori Park. To avoid disappointment, beat the crowds and save your spot early. Reserved seating is also available for a small fee.

  • 8/1 (Tue.) 20:00~21:30 ※Postponed to 8/2 (Wed.) in case of inclement weather
  • 1-2 Ohori Park, Chuo-ku
  • Reserved seating (limited, on sale at Family Mart)
  • Heiwadai Athletic Field (Free seating): Adult ¥1,200, Child: ¥600
  • Approx. 6,000 fireworks
  • 420,000 visited last year

4) Yume Hanabi 2017

8,000 fireworks light up the sky over the Homan River, Ogori City. Special firework formations include a thousand “Starmines” and a 200-meter-wide “Niagara” firework show. Watch the display aboard famous “donkobune” boats. Last year, this festival attracted 30,000 visitors!

  • 8/11 (Fri.) 19:45~21:00 *Postponed to 8/19 (Sat.) in case of inclement weather
  • Ogori Sports Park, Homan River riverbed
  • Approx. 8,000 fireworks
  • 30,000 visited last year
  • Free parking available: 1,000 spots

5) Wasshoi Hyakuman Natsumatsuri

Over 1.5 million people gathered in Kokura City for Kitakyushu’s largest festival last year! The two-day Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival’s many festivities close with a stunning fireworks finale over Kokura Castle, featuring 3,000 fireworks choreographed to music. Before the fireworks display, all nearby houses are asked to switch off their lights, to send a message about energy conservation, as well as to emphasize the fireworks against the dark night sky. Join the famous tradition of cleaning the area together with the locals after the fireworks finish.

  • Fireworks: 8/6 (Sun.) 20:20~21:50, festival: 8/5 (Sat.) ~ 8/6 (Sun.) *Cancelled in case of inclement weather
  • Katsuyama Park, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka
  • Approx. 3,000 fireworks
  • 1,550,000 visited the festival last year
  • 5 min. from JR Nishikokura Sta. or Kitakyushu Monorail Heiwadori Sta., 10 min. from JR Kokura Sta.


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