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FAQ - Registration

How do I apply for NILS?

[Full-time Intensive program]

The school will email you the required documents.
Prepare the required documents and submit them to us before the due date. After we examine all your documents and if they satisfy our requirements and legal issues, we will issue an Eligibility Application for you. Your documents and the Eligibility Application will be submitted to the Immigration Office.

[Short-Term Program]

If your passport country is one of visa waiver countries, the required document is only an application form. You can either post the form to the school or e-mail us at
You just travel to Japan before your program starting date. You do not need a visa process.

If you need a visa to enter to Japan, please contact us.

More information how to enroll in NILS : please check this page.


Please feel free to contact us from here. If you have questions about the school.