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School Activity Report

“Wa shi” (Japanese traditional paper) making & sweets

A Happy new Year! We all hope you have started good days.

This part has completely recovered, so,  although it’s cold here in Japan, we begin with lost events from last summer.

We visited a museum showing a traditional Japanese crafts last August.


Braid (Kumihimo) making

This is the first time we visit the place you can make Japanese traditional braid. Our students were interested in it but struggled to make ones with the wodden maker.

One of our students gave us his impression of this activity;

We went to make Kumihimo in Tenjin.  I am not good at making stuff like that, but the staff was very kind and explained and helped us make our cord/ribbon.  They even told us about how a famous Korean group came and make braid there.  I had fun making kumihimo with my classmates.”


Sushi making

We are very sorry to stop showing our activity event. We had a problem with uploading photos from last summer. But now, we have finally sort it out.  So we update our ongoing activity and add past ones as soon as we can.

This is the latest activity after we recovered from the uploading problem!


Here are the comments from our students;

In my first week of studying at NILS in Ohashi, Fukuoka, I was taken for a sushi making activity. This was my first time doing such a thing, and it was a lot of fun. The chef who was showing us how to make the sushi was very interesting and funny, and I had a great time learning how to make different types of sushi, and then getting to eat them afterwards. I would reccomend this activity to anyone who is interesting in experiencing Japanese culture.”

”  I had never made sushi, so I was really looking forward to this event.  The chef was really fun and explained to us how to make sushi and the history behind it.  I got to make some salmon, shrimp, and mackerel sushi.  We also made a tuna makizushi.  It was hard to make right, so I have a greater appreciation when I eat sushi.  Together with my classmates and Kadowaki Sensi, we had so much fun.  I really recommend if you haven’t made sushi, try out the sushi making event at Suito Fukuoka. “



Summer festivals are almost everywhere in Japan. You can watch fireworks which are usually shown at the end of the festival as finale.  As you know, taking photographs of fireworks at night is quite difficult as they spread in a second.

 This is an impression of this event from our student;

Just two days after my arrival in Fukuoka, I had the pleasure to enjoy the fireworks festival with NILS teachers and students. It was my first time at a fireworks festival in Japan and I found it quite impressive! In Spain, where I come from, fireworks last no longer than 20 minutes. In Japan, it is a whole experience, where you can not only enjoy the fireworks, which definitely last longer, but also engage in a good chat with people, take a stroll with friends or try some delicious street-food from the various stalls featuring many genuine grilled snacks.

I highly recommend it to people staying in Japan. So get together with some friends and don’t forget to wear your yukata/kimono to get the maximum of your fireworks experience!”

Hakata Bay Cruising

We went to the sea and got on the boat in the Hakata Bay.

Yamakasa Festival

We watched one of the biggest festivals in Fukuoka city called Hakata Yamakasa. This is very powerful event which all generation can enjoy.


Here are some comments from our students;

The festival was remarkable, I never saw anything like that before (the strength of the people + the speed in which they carried the yamakasa), the kids who took part in it were also amazing.”

“I enjoyed the Yamakasa festival.  It was really interesting to experience. i was surprised by the amount of people in attendance.”


Japanese Tradition

We visited one of the traditional park in Fukuopka area and had an experience the Tea Ceremony in front of the beutiful garden.


One of our students gave us his impression;

“I enjoyed the trip to the park.  It was fun and interesting to see wedding pictures for a Japanese marriage.”  


Ramen & Gyoza

Our students had a unique experience making Ramen & Gyoza (Dunplings) here in Fukuoka.




 Here is a comment from one of them;

The ramen activity has been my favorite activity so far of my stay.  I really enjoyed cooking, therefore I had a lot of fun.  It was my first time making ramen from scratch and I would love to do it again.”

Hakata doll painting

We went to a shop where Japanese traditional dolls are sold. You can have an experience to paint any kinds dolls.

This is a comment from our students;

”  The Hakata Doll painting was very fun.  It was a new experience for me and I enjoyed the whole thing.  I am looking forward to the next activity.”

Paper Products

We went to a town called Yame to have an experence for making some traditional paper products.

Here is a comment from our student;

“We went to a Japanese paper making workshop, where we learned how to make paper and decorate it using dried plants, leaves and flowers. I made two post cards and four bookmarks, which are great for souvenirs and gifts. There was a small museum to explore. Afterwards, we were able to enjoy a delicious, seasonal, traditional Japanese lunch, and some green tea ice cream. Yum! It was a really fun day.”


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