I went to Umi-kirara, the aquarium in Sasebo City in Nagasaki Prefecture. Sasebo is two hours from Fukuoka by an expressway bus, and its round trip fare is about 4,500 yen.
Its most interesting event is Dolphin Show. Dolphins do play catch with each other jumping in the air, though I failed to take pictures of them at that highlight. Some spectators happen to get wet through with water showered by them. We can have a good time there.

IMG_20130622_163638 IMG_20130811_153432

Besides Umikirara, there is Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park. We can feel like being in Europe in spite of in Japan. Moreover, at night you cannot miss fantastic atmosphere with gorgeous illuminations.
Sasebo is the suitable place of interest you can choose to visit on weekend.
Please never forget to try “Sasebo Burger”, a noted product of Sasebo.