Student Accommodation Options While Studying in Japan

When it comes to studying a foreign language abroad, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding what school and location you want to immerse yourself in is whether or not the school offers student accommodations. If student housing is a necessity for your stay in Japan, then it is important to first consider the following factors: proximity to the school, safety and security, and price. After that, further considerations may include the neighborhood, privacy, as well as access to public transportation, banks, Wi-Fi hotspots, and groceries, among others. As far as safety is concerned, in Japan, the crime rate is surprisingly low compared to other countries. In fact, even today, lost items that are found by anonymous persons are often surrendered unharmed at nearby police stations.

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Generally, student accommodations fall into one of two categories—off campus (homestay program or an apartment) and on campus (dormitories). To help you understand which option is best for your trip abroad, we have broken down each into pros and cons.

Homestay in Japan

This type of housing guarantees you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture while outside of class. There are usually agreements between the school and the host family and care is taken in choosing the right family based on your needs or requests.

Homestay in Japan

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If your personality works well in a strong family structure, then it will be a great experience as the host family is just as interested as you are in building relationships and learning new cultures. However, if you enjoy your freedom to come and go as you please, the homestay program may not work well because as a part of a new “family” you would be expected to follow any house rules.

NILS can arrange homestays for students enrolling in the short-term courses. While host families may not be located within walking distance of the school, NILS’ policy requires that the commute must be less than one hour each way from school.

Student Apartment

Living in an apartment in a foreign country can be a headache, especially if you can’t speak or read the language. You must also factor in a higher cost of living, the possibility of needing to furnish the apartment, and the hassle of searching for foreign friendly realtors while overseas. On the other hand, you have personal space, privacy, and independence, which can all be very difficult to give up. Some foreign language schools understand that this option is important to students and either can provide apartments directly to students or can help set up an apartment with an associated third party before you arrive.



Student Apartment in Japan

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Whether you are enrolled in the short-term program or the intensive program, NILS can help accommodate you with an apartment that meets your needs and is hassle free. They are fully furnished, Internet ready, and within short walking distance of the school.

Student Dormitory

If you enjoy the company of others but don’t want to live with a Japanese family, the best option may be staying at a dormitory if the school has one available. The benefits of this option is that it is generally more affordable than apartments or a homestay program. Also, daily meals may be included and you will have more free time to spend with new friends or exploring the city since you will not be commuting off campus each day or running errands, which living in an apartment may require.


Student Dormitory in Japan

NILS does have a nearby dormitory available for students primarily for the short-term programs, though it is possible to request room availability when enrolling in the long-term program. Features include a choice of private or shared bedrooms with a communal dining/kitchen area, bathroom and toilet. Meals are also available for students enrolled in the short-term program who are staying at the dormitory.

There Is More to a Language School than Just the Course Program

While not all Japanese language schools provide housing options, NILS understands the necessity of this service to students. Whether you are looking to enroll in a four-week program or a two-year intensive course, we offer several housing options that will most likely meet your needs, and we can help you choose which option is best if you are unsure.
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