Visiting Breweries

One of Japan’s biggest attractions is food, but many come to love Japanese beer and sake (Japanese rice wine) tangentially. I would like to introduce you to some breweries in Fukuoka.


Asahi Biru Fukuoka Kojo (Asahi Beer Fukuoka Plant)

You can see the entire process of brewing beer in this Asahi Beer Plant. After your tour, you can taste beer that has just been brewed. For those of you not interested in alcohol or who are minors, they offer soft drinks as well.

-3 minute walk from Japan Rail Kagoshima Line Takeshita Station

-Hours 9:30-15:00 *A tour requires reservations.

-Admission – No charge for a tour.


Kirin Beer Park

This is a Kirin Beer plant. Next to the plant, you can visit the Kirin Beer Farm where you can enjoy beer and barbeque. This Park attracts many tourists for its nature— 10 million poppy flowers in the spring and cosmos in the autumn.

-10 minute walk from Japan Rail Amagi line Tachiarai station

-Hours 9:30-15:00 *No reservations required.

-Admission – No charge for a tour.


Hakata Hyakunen-gura (Ishikura Shuzo)

Founded 100 years ago, this is the only sake brewery in Fukuoka. Just like wine, there is a wide variety of sake with different mixes of ingredients and brewing techniques. You cannot visit inside the brewery but a plant shop is open where you can sense the atmosphere of the Meiji era (1852-1912).

-7 minute walk from Subway Chiyo Kencho Mae Station or 12 minute walk from Subway Gion Station

-Hours 11:00-19:00


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