Izakaya, Yakitori (Tavern, Chicken on Skewers)

When you come to Fukuoka, you just have to try Izakaya and Yakitori. Although some say the food is not super gourmet, you will undoubtedly enjoy the whole experience particularly the drinks. (In Japan, you have to be 20 to drink alcoholic beverages.)
As “tori” in Yakitori means chicken, you can taste various parts of chicken on skewers. Here in Fukuoka, however, we eat just about anything on skewers including pork, beef and vegetables. They are all cooked, so there is no food safety concern, but we often grill organs such as liver. It may be an acquired taste, but why don’t you give it a try?

At an Izakaya, you can sample different kinds of entrees as well. Sashimi is one, of course. Or somewhat fancier Kaiseki (a series of small and artfully displayed dishes) cooking is available, too. Just enjoy your evening with good drinks, food and company in an Izakaya. Unless you consume a lot of alcohol, it won’t cost you more than 3,000 or 4,000 yen. Some Izayakas offer an “all you can drink for 2 hours” type of deal. It might be worth doing some homework on such deals.