Foodies’ Paradise: Fukuoka

Fukuoka is well known for representing trademarks of Japanese culture all across the board, but nothing is more important to Fukuoka than its particularly enticing array of gourmet foods. Tonkotsu (pork bone soup stock) Ramen, Mentaiko (seasoned cod eggs), Chicken Mizutaki (meat and vegetable cooked in broth on the table and eaten with dipping sauce) and Motsunabe (organ meat and vegetable cooked in broth are just a few of all the city has to offer. Since Fukuoka is near Genkainada, which provides a rich array of seafood, you have access to the freshest sashimi. In addition to raw fish, you can also find grilled and stewed varieties of the same fish. Often, famous Tokyo restaurant will open branches in Fukuoka before Osaka or Nagoya. Recently, “Tanita Shokudo (Diner)” opened its branch in Fukuoka. Famous for its healthy menu, Tanita Shokudo has attracted a lot of attention from the media.

You may not think much of noodle soups, but Udon is extremely popular in Fukuoka. Not as well known as Sanuki Udon perhaps, but Fukuoka has numerous udon restaurants. Unlike Sanuki Udon, udon in Fukuoka does not have the same chewy texture, but has enthralled many foodies nonetheless who enjoy it with shrimp or root vegetable tempura. People often enjoy udon and Kashiwa Gohan (rice cooked with chicken and vegetables) as a set.


Each region in Japan has its own set of wonderful food. It would be a lot of fun to taste different specialties in other prefectures. Food is an important part of Japan’s culture, and it extends to how food is displayed.