Fukuoka’s professional baseball team is the Soft Bank Hawks. I went with a friend last May. The game was against Yakult Swallows – it was an exchange game between the Pacific League and the Central League. Hawks were down by 4 at the first inning, 10 by the second, and it was pretty much ‘game over’ soon after. By the end I’d lost my spirit to cheer.

The Hawks home ground is the Yahuoku! Dome. It is just 5 minutes on the subway to Tenjin and then 15 minutes’ walk from there. The cheapest tickets are about 1,000 – 2,000 yen, and there are usually tickets available on the day.

The fans are as passionate in Fukuoka as in any other city. It is a lot of fun to join in the excitement of all the fans cheering and singing with drums. Would you like to go?