Ureshino Onsen (Ureshino Hot Springs)

I would like to introduce Ureshino Onsen in Saga Prefecture, next to Fukuoka Prefecture. Only an hour and a half away by express bus from Tenjin, you can see the hot springs right off the bus stop. Known as “One of the Three Best Spas for your Skin” in Japan, you can really feel the effect on your skin. Gourmet food is another attraction in Ureshino such as Yudofu (Boiled Tofu) cooked in the hot spring water, vivid green and fragrant Ureshino cha (Ureshino Tea), Saga Gyu (Saga Beef) and Imari Gyu (Imari Beef) that result from a large and natural habitat.

Fukuoka is a lot of fun for shopping and other urban leisure, but I also recommend relaxing in the country once in a while.

ureshino onsen