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What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan August 2021

State of emergency takes effect in 7 more prefectures – Nationwide A COVID-19 state of emergency took effect in seven more prefectures, with restrictions on business activity aimed at curbing Japan's largest yet wave of infections. Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Hyogo and Fukuoka will be... READ MORE

How To Keep Cool During Summer In Japan

Summer in Japan can be really hot and humid. Temperatures in August can range from lower to upper 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), and in some cases, hit 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Whether you’re outside watching the Olympics and Paralympics events or out and about getti... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan July 2021

Little cheer in Tokyo for Olympics – Tokyo The athletes are in the Village and the world's media has arrived, but for many in Japan, there's little festive cheer just a day before the Olympics open in Tokyo. There are no cheering foreign fans roaming the streets, and athletes are ferried from Villa... READ MORE

Everything You Need To Know About The Japanese Pension System

In order to keep this simple, there are two categories most people fall into when it comes to pensions: 1) A person who is self-employed, works part-time or works at a company that is not insurance applicable because it has less than five employees. 2) A person who works full-time, or three qu... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in June 2021

Japan's vaccination rollout reaches daily rate of 1 mil  – Nationwide Japan's daily rate of coronavirus vaccinations has reached a crucial milestone of 1 million, government data showed, as authorities scramble to recover lost time in inoculating the population. The figure is a critical threshold s... READ MORE

Everything You Need To Know About The My Number Card

What Are the My Number System and the My Number Card? My Number is a 12-digit personal identification number assigned to every person in Japan with a certificate of residence (including foreigners). A card with that number is a My Number Card. The number is allocated automatically, so you canno... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in May 2021

Japan plans to extend COVID-19 state of emergency beyond May 31 – Nationwide The Japanese government plans to extend the COVID-19 state of emergency covering Tokyo, Osaka and other areas beyond the current deadline of May 31, sources familiar with the matter said, as infections have yet to signific... READ MORE

Essential Tips on Immigration Procedures for International Students

Visa and Status of Residence We know that you must be excited to be able to study in Japan, and we do not blame you at all! However, before anything else, there are a lot of procedures and paperwork that you must complete before settling down in Japan. People wishing to study in Japan must apply... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in April 2021

Tougher virus restrictions expanded to 4 prefectures – Nationwide The Japanese government decided to expand tougher COVID-19 restrictions to all three of the country's major metropolitan areas centering on Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya as infections surge less than a month after a state of emergency was ... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in March 2021

Japan considering coronavirus variant test for all inbound travellers – Nationwide Japan is considering requiring all inbound travellers to undergo a test for new variants of the coronavirus, health minister Norihisa Tamura said. Under the current system, all people arriving from 24 designated coun... READ MORE

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