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Essential Tips on Saying “Thank You” in Japanese

If you have ever been stuck on the crowded trains of Tokyo, you know the relief of being offered a seat (though it rarely happens!). So when somebody is nice enough to give your aching legs a rest, what would you say to them? Sure, you could say ありがとう — “thank you,” but that phrase simply will no... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in September 2020

Japan to ease entry ban to allow long-term stays from Oct 1, but not tourists – Nationwide The Japanese government plans to allow more foreigners to enter for stays of three months or longer from Oct 1, sources with knowledge of the plans said, significantly easing travel restrictions meant to curb... READ MORE

Essential Tips on Attending a Japanese Tea Ceremony

Tea was introduced to Japan from China by Zen Buddhists around the 12th century in the Heian Period. They were also the first consumers of tea. The monks would sip it out of a bowl to fight off drowsiness during long hours of meditations. However, tea drinking had only become a common practice a... READ MORE

Essential Tips on Visiting A Temple

So in the previous article, we gave you essential tips when visiting a Japanese shrine. This time, however, we will be talking about Japanese temples. Temples are known as “tera” (寺) in Japanese. Joined with other characters, this becomes “-dera”, or the pronunciation changes entirely to become ... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in August 2020

Japan to ease entry restrictions for foreign students – Nationwide Japan has decided to ease entry restrictions for foreign students, imposed to curb the coronavirus, possibly within this month, government sources said Saturday. Japan also plans to fully lift the re-entry ban on foreign nationals w... READ MORE

Essential Tips on Visiting A Shrine

Praying at the temples and shrines in Japan is largely out of tradition rather than a full-blown belief in the tenets of each religion; Japan is a nation of traditionalists rather than believers in the church-going sense. Today there are about 160,000 shrines and temples throughout Japan. Shrine... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now in Fukuoka & Japan in July 2020

Japan's coronavirus infections top 30,000 with 295 new cases in Tokyo – Tokyo Japan's coronavirus infections topped 30,000 on July 25, Saturday, with 295 new cases confirmed in Tokyo, as the country continues its fight against the pandemic amid a spike in infections in urban areas, authorities said... READ MORE

Essential Tips on Writing a Japanese Resume

Much like in other countries, applying for most jobs in Japan will require a resume, regardless of part-time/full-time or industry. However, Japanese resumes have a fairly strict structure so be sure to adhere to the unique rules. Rirekisho (履歴書) literally means background form. In addition to th... READ MORE

What’s Happening Now Fukuoka & Japan in June 2020

Gov't to promote staggered holidays to curb congestion, virus spread – Nationwide The Japanese government stressed the need for individuals to take their holidays at different times of the year in its annual tourism report released Tuesday to reduce congestion and the spread of the novel coronaviru... READ MORE

Buddhism in Japan

Buddhism in Japan Today The majority of the people in Japan probably would not consider themselves to be Buddhist or belonging to any particular religion at all. However, many cultural traditions in Japan are derived from Buddhism. Japanese Cultural Traditions Originating from Buddhism First ... READ MORE

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