Japanese School in Japan,Fukuoka - NILS

School Activity Report

Gohan (A Japanaese meal)

Our students had an experience to make one of the Japanese meals this time.



Here is a comment from our school;

“We had the best time ever at Furukawa-san’s cooking school!! We arrived to find the school was an older style Japanese apartment, which made the whole experience seem more authentic. We were shown how to make a variety of dishes, tasting each ingredient before it was added and tasting the progress of the dish each step of the way. Then it was time for us to have a turn at preparing 3 dishes, using an entire squid each! It was the first time any of us had prepared squid, and it was much harder than  Furukawa-san had made it look!  

Finally, we were able to tuck into our delicious meal, with a view of Furukawa-san’s famous bonsai trees. The best part was sharing the meal with Furukawa-san, who had made the entire experience very interesting and highly entertaining. He was an absolutely incredible person, and it was a pleasure and honour to meet him and have this experience! I can’t recommend this activity enough! “



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